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We're a custom picture framing shop,full service We sell a full selection of photo frames Mirrors,custom and ready made.. we frame memorabilia. Restoration of frames available.

From contemporary to Antique. We have a full range of frames. From leather to chrome From the unusual to the extraordinary We sell artwork Archival framing is done on ever Every different type of museum glass is available.

We have framed a pez collection that was great. We used an acrylic frame and boxed it with fabric. Look it up in our Facebook to see what we have done We're very attentive to detail and we're knowledgeable about all types of styles and all art.

So we're able to help you pinpoint what we need to do to make your piece last a lifetime We frame clothing and sports jerseys we've even framed Shaq's sneakers We're now framing a collection of medals from a girl who won a bronze and gold medal form the Olympic Games Come in and discover what we have to offer And we hang your artwork

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We're located at 482 Main Street in fort lee nj. 2 blocks east of the gw bridge Close to highways so it’s easy to come from the Tristate area and beyond. We have free parking on premises.

Second generation

For over 4 decades we’ve gotten  extremely knowledgeable as to endless possibilities applied to our craft, Conservation materials are used even on Your 5 years old child. Could be the next Picasso!

I’m a second generation framer , My parents had a shop opened in the early 60’s. They were open for 35 years.

And  were pioneers in this industry. Without the modern technology used today, I learned framing from many people along the way.

Learning French matte and glass cutting. And woodwork from my dad and refinishing and repair of all types of art and frames. Finishes from my mom. They had their shop in the house so I spent a lot of time there. Doing my own creations !! Graduating from New York tech in art history and interior design. Along with growing up with many people to guide me along the way.

When I opened in 1977. I was 22 and had a force behind me. The companies were kind and helpful. And my husband who was doing his masters in architecture at Pratt , Starting helping me on the weekends.

I’m very passionate about this business. I love to come in everyday and see what’s to be done. Or framed. We’ve done many thousands of wonderful things over the years.

Like the PEZ collection that was a lifetime of collecting. We made 10 Frames That were 20”x60” ! What a powerful statement and Creative and technical job.

We carry the largest collection of styles and lots of Bespoke Frames. We also have a huge selection of photo frames , My collection is hand picked to use for a multitude of periods of frame style.

Our framing is award winning and praised by many. I love going to someone’s home and Seeing how beautiful our work becomes part of their home.

The business has grown and so have I. I’ve explored all types of material That are not common place.

We have framed so many wonderful things over our great years. The industry has changed For the better. I’ve gotten very energized by all of the things I’ve come up with And new materials.

We use a lot of fabrics, ribbons. French mattes,and 8ply for that clean contemporary look . And all types of archival glazing .We like to stack frames for that subtle Touch. Proportion and style are guided by me. If you have photos of your home or office help greatly. There are many things we Frame. Photos. Large and small. Sports memorabilia you name it. We’ve made them. All be in proportion and style for your home or business Beach houses to Architectural digest, Diplomas. Antique documents and baby photos. All sorts of 3D of object. All needlepoint and stitchery Can be framed. A set of glass figurines. And even pottery can be done.

All sorts of needlearts are carefully done to become the heirlooms of tomorrow Multiple opening matters and all sorts of other material. Like straws. We just did a couple of Barbie photos using paper straws as mattes. My Statement on the environment.

We make case to  house your ivory collection.  We love when you need a memory wall that includes your recent and older relatives. We do restoration work on antique frames as well as stabilizing your oils that are old.

The industry has grown over the many years. And we are in the know as to the latest Conservation framing. Using 4 ply and 8 ply mattes. Oversized prints and oils.

Museum glass, conservation glass. And all archival products are used to keep your art stable. Great to use. We carry led picture lights. Leds are the thing of the future and Ed and I Are creatively using them in and out of the frame!

Pick up and delivery are available Hanging by appointment We’re open Wednesday through 11-5

Come in and discover what we do. And. We do love it.

Attention to every detail

Since 1977

Bespoke Photoframes

  • Largest selection of Photo Frames
  • Museum Materials Used Mirrors: Beveled, Stock Sizes
  • We Make Corkboards
  • All work done on the premises

Convex Glass, Domed Glass

  • Ready Made Frames
  • Oval and Circle Frames
  • Fan Frames
  • Frames from all around the world
    leather 23k gold, burl, etc

Unusual mattes

  • Embossed, cutouts
  • French
  • Ribbon
  • Pattern
  • Linen/Silk
  • Lithos, Posters, Reproductions, canvas transfers
  • Plexi Box Display Case
  • Needlepoint, stitchery framing,
  • Ketubahs, old photos
  • Full Line of Home Décor
  • We Frame Sports Memorabilia
  • Picture lights
  • Rewiring Lamps
  • Engraved Plaques
It is very good place. Very reliable. Very high quality of work. And great people there. Highly recommend!

Simply the best: most unique frames anywhere, creative applications of matting, embellishment and more, intelligent and experienced selection of appropriate treatments of all types of art, a pleasure to work with, in business for years, curators as well as artists themselves... plus an incredible jewel of a shop! ❤️👨🏼‍🎨🎨